Orthodontic specialists

Orthodontic specialists in Orpington

Do you need to get your teeth aligned? You can get braces placed on your teeth. At The Lindens Dental Centre, our dentists have experienced specialists who deliver professional and friendly orthodontics services. We can address all your queries and requirements.

Get your teeth aligned through orthodontics treatment

If you need to get your teeth straightened to improve their appearance, you can come to us. At The Lindens Dental Centre, our team of professional orthodontics specialists can help. We also look after the long term health of your teeth, gums and jaw joints. Our orthodontic treatment can move your teeth into the appropriate position and improve their overall appearance.

Whether you have upper front teeth that need to be aligned, or you want to correct the position of your jaw, our specialists can take care of it. Due to incorrect meeting of the upper and lower set of teeth, the muscles of your jam can face problems. Our treatments can solve your dental issue and help you avoid unnecessary pain. We also deliver periodontics treatments.
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Steps involved in fixed braces treatment

We can address your dental issues with a series of treatments spread over different visits to our centre. During the first visit, we take X-rays, photos and impressions for plaster models of your teeth. We often remove permanent teeth if they are crowded and there is a lack of space in the jaws. We do the extractions just before or after the braces are fitted. At the second visit we fit separators, which are small plastic 'doughnuts', between your molars for a week. This creates spaces for the molar bands.

During the third and fourth visits, we get the bands cemented and the brackets are bonded to the front of your teeth. In the subsequent visits, we adjust the braces using accessories. Wire-changes, adding springs and elastics are done at this stage of your treatment. We also give you facemasks, headgear or bite plates whenever required.
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Treatment care and restrictions

At the end of the treatment, we remove the teeth braces, remove the cement and get your teeth polished.  Teeth moulds are taken to make retainers. These retainers hold your teeth in their new positions for the next couple of years. The entire period of treatment lasts two to three years. You will require visits to Lindens Dental Centre every 4-8 weeks.

With our regular fixed braces, you will not have any issue with your speech. However, depending on your condition, if you require a palatal expander appliance fitted, your speech may get affected for a while. If you play a musical instrument with a mouthpiece, you may require one to two weeks before you regain your skills. Brushing your teeth will also require more effort. Eating and diet restrictions will be applicable as well. You will be required to avoid hard fruits and food and drinks with high sugar content. You may get in touch with us for more details.
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The Lindens Dental Centre delivers excellent orthodontics solutions in Orpington. Call our dentists on 
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