Crown and Bridge

Dental bridge

Dental bridge for missing teeth

Are you looking to get a missing tooth replaced? At The Lindens Dental Centre, we deliver effective dental bridges to appropriately fit in the place of the missing tooth. 

Dental bridge treatment from dentists in Orpington

If you are concerned about the procedure to replace a missing tooth, you need not worry. At The Lindens Dental Centre, we deliver reliable dental bridge treatments which will give you a suitable replacement for your missing tooth. We prepare the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth, so that they may be able to fit the bridge. We make a bridge containing the missing tooth to fit your mouth. The bridge is then securely fixed to the prepared teeth. 

Bridges can be made of precious metal with a porcelain base, or it can be made from other non-precious metals for more strength in the base. Take a look at our CBCT solutions.
Dental crowning

Dental crowning solutions

If you have decaying teeth you need dental crowning. At The Lindens Dental Centre, our specialists have successfully treated patients with our effective dental services and solutions. Dental crowns may be useful in the following scenarios:
  • Protective cover for fractured or decayed teeth
  • Permanent restoration solutions for teeth with large fillings
  • Correction of minor problems in natural teeth
  • Spacing and irregular shape of teeth
Crowns can be made from plastic, metal alloys, ceramic or a combination of ceramic and metal. We conduct a thorough clinical examination with radiographs. We then do the preparatory work. The teeth to be crowned is then prepared and an impression of the prepared tooth is taken. Skilled technicians fabricate the crown to be fitted. The crown is cemented onto the prepared tooth with dental cement. Get in touch with us for more details.
Permanent restoration
Are you looking to get a dental bridge for a missing tooth? 
The Lindens Dental Centre in Orpington has reliable solutions. 
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