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Affordable dental implants in Orpington

Are you looking for aesthetic solutions for your teeth? You can benefit from quality implants and also take advantage of a number of dental plan options. At The Lindens Dental Centre our dentists deliver complete dental implant services for all our clients.

Get missing teeth replaced

In case the case of replacing teeth, dental implants can be an effective solution. They are not only aesthetically pleasing but also a good alternative for missing teeth. We use the latest technology for dental implants. To support a replacement tooth, we use the standard routine of placing a titanium post in the jaw bone. This post functions as the root of the tooth. 

We utilise implants to support crowns, fixed bridges and dentures. We can help you decide whether implants are the appropriate option for you. You may get in touch with us for an implant consultation and discussion. You have the option of having the replacement teeth fixed permanently or temporarily. Permanent fixtures like a crown or a bridge can keep your teeth fixed. Temporary fixtures like a denture can be attached in a way that will allow you to remove them for cleaning.
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Friendly and professional dental care

Our dental implants can help you in different situations. They can replace single or multiple missing teeth. They can also stabilise dentures by making them appropriately tight and comfortable. We deliver quality advice and treatment to all our patients. During the implant procedure, you can opt for local anaesthetic or sedation, as per the level of comfort that you desire. 

At The Lindens Dental Centre, we believe in friendly and professional services which address all our patients' concerns. Whether you are looking for dental implants, tooth whitening or veneers, you can come to us. We can also refer our patients to orthodontic specialists, when required. You may get in touch with us for more details.
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The Lindens Dental Centre delivers complete dental implants in Orpington. 
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