Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment by dentists in Orpington

If you have an inflamed tooth, you may have an infection at the root tissue. At The Lindens Dental Centre, we have experienced dentists who can deliver effective root canal treatment.

Reliable endodontics services 

Do you have a tooth inflammation and infection? You can get it checked with our dental specialists. At The Lindens Dental Centre, we have qualified experts who can look into it and provide the appropriate treatments and solutions. Your teeth may have a deep decay or excessive wear of the tooth crown. If you have a chronic toothache, long standing sensitivity to heat or cold, tooth discolouration, swelling or tenderness, you should get your teeth checked.

Our root canal treatment can save teeth from extraction. With our treatment procedures, you will be able to have teeth that functions normally and can be maintained with regular oral hygiene and dental care. Take a look at our cosmetic dentistry services.
Endodontics treatment

Endodontics treatment procedures

With the help of local anaesthetics, root canal treatments can be made comfortable and painless. The treatment procedure involves the following steps:
  • Removal or extraction of the tooth pulp
  • An opening is made in the crown of the tooth to make the extraction
  • Small, specially designed hand or rotary files are used to clean and shape the root canal 
  • Root canal debris is removed with an anti-bacterial solution
  • The root canal is sealed with a special material
  • Full or partial filling of the tooth is done depending on the tooth condition
All our root canal treatment procedures are done using the latest technology and methods. We can do it either in single or multiple visits depending on the condition and complexity of the tooth condition. Get in touch with us for more details.
endodontics services
The Lindens Dental Centre delivers reliable root canal treatment in Orpington. Talk to our dentists on 
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